How Can I Install my Own Fonts?

It's quite easy to install your own fonts in PicLab Studio for iOS.

Before installing a font, make sure you have a license to use it on another computer/device.

You can deliver .otf and .ttf font files to your device by email, Dropbox or any other way that you can get a file to your device.

As an example, send yourself an email with a font (in .otf or .ttf format) attached, or open a font file via Dropbox on your device. On the top right, tap on the iOS share icon (an upwards pointing arrow in a box) and then select "Copy to PicLab Studio."

Your font will now show up in the PicLab Studio font drawer!

Note: for the time being, rearranging or deleting your installed fonts isn't possible. We are working on an update with a font manager that will allow for this.

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    fbz cabrera

    How about on Android?

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    Dong nguye

    Not working. Please fix. There is no"copy to piclab". I tried to install using anyffonts but not working either

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    Teresa Kwant

    I too am unable to add my own fonts. There is no "copy to piclab" option. I am able to install my fonts onto other apps this way, but piclab studio does not show up. I hope it is fixed soon! This is the main reason I purchased the app. 

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    Yourz Truly


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